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EMBRACE YOUR BODY 🌟 I get a lot of DM's mainly from girls who tell me they feel insecure in their own body and ask me how I got so secure with mine. The truth is that it hasn't always been like that. Not at all. For me growing up I've always been that tiny little girl who didn't get any breasts until all the other girls at school already had theirs waaaay before me. I've also struggled with feeling insecure, not feeling like a woman but like a "girl" since it took me longer to grow into my curves. But you know what? That is alright. It's alright to look any way possible. I think we all struggle with our own stuff - even tho we are all perfect, just the way we are. No matter what body type you have or no matter what media " paints a picture of how it should look". You are AMAZING, beautiful and flawless. I just want each and everyone of you to be PROUD of who you are and embrace yourself and for all what you are 🌹